Introduction to Parallel Computing

DM853, Fall 2016

Daniel Merkle


02.01.2017: Details for the oral exam on January, 20th are online.

02.01.2017: All slides can be found in blackboard now.

06.10.2016: New Weekly notes and Slides online.

23.09.2016: Weekly notes for week 36-38 are online. The first mandatory assignment is online: here.

23.09.2016: Next lecture : Wednesday 12:15 (week 39).

08.09.2016: Slides and Weekly Notes for week 36 online.

04.09.2016: First lecture will be Tuesday 07.09., at 08.15.

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Weekly Notes / Tutorial Exercises

The slides (and additional material) presented in the lectures can be found in the Blackboard System.

Week 36 Introduction to the Course. Overview / Single Processor Machines: Memory Hierarchies and Processor Features. Weekly Notes
Week 37 and Week 38 Continue with Memory Hierarchies and Processor Features, start with Tuning Matrix Multiply, Introduction to Parallel Machines and Programming Models Weekly Notes
Week 39 and 40 Introduction to Parallel Machines and Programming Models, Shared Memory Programming: Threads and OpenMP Weekly Notes
Week 41 Distributed Memory Programming
Week 43 Basic Communication Weekly Notes
Week 44 Basic Communication, Analytical Modelling of Parallel Programs Weekly Notes, Exercises for week 43
Week 45 Analytical Modelling of Parallel Programs Weekly Notes
Week 46 Dense Matrix Algorithms Weekly Notes, Exercises for week 46
Week 47/48 Dense Matrix Algorithms, Graph Algorithms Weekly Notes for week 47 (includes suggestions for 4th mand. assignment)
Week 49 Graph Algorithms
Week 50/51 Discrete Search Algorithms

Office Hours

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  • Phone: 2322
  • E-mail: daniel


Main course book:

[1] Grama, A; A. Gupta; G. Karypis; V. Kumar: Introduction to Parallel Computing. Pearson, 2003. Errata by John Kirk

Additional reading information is given on the lecture slides.

Additional reading can also be found in the Blackboard System


Course Description

The official course description for DM853 can be found here.

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