Graph Theory 2007
December 6-9, 2007


Thursday december 6:

[16:00-19.45:] Arrival
[18:30-20:00:] Sandwiches

[20:00-21:30:] Problem session chaired by Adrian Bondy

Friday December 7:

[07:00-09:00:] Breakfast
[09:00-09.35:] Dieter Rautenbach, Locally Dense Independent Sets in Regular Graphs of Large Girth
[09:35-10:05:] Jan van den Heuvel, Circular orderings of matroids

[10:05-10:35:] Coffee

[10:35-11:10:] Deryk Osthus, Linkedness and ordered cycles in directed graphs
[11:10-11:45:] Daniella Kuehn, Hamilton cycles in oriented graphs
[11:45-12:15:] Gregory Gutin, Parameterized Algorithms for Directed Maximum Leaf Problems

[12:15-15:00:] Lunch followed by a break

[15:00-15.35:] Marco Chiarandini, A computational study for the 2-edge-connectivity augmentation problem
[15:35-16:05:] Yury Nikulin, Heuristics for the central tree problem

[16:05-16:30:] Coffee

[16:30-17:05:] Thore Husfeldt, Computing the Tutte polynomial in vertex-exponential time
[17:05-17:35:] Bill Jackson, An inequality for Tutte polynomials
[18:30-] dinner

Saturday December 8:

[07:00-09:00:] Breakfast
[09:00-09:35:] Diego Scheide, Tashkinov trees and edge-colourings of multigraphs
[09:35-10:10:] Michael Stiebitz, Vizing's colouring algorithm and the fan number
[10:10-10:40:] Anders Sune Pedersen, Double-critical and contraction-critical graphs

[10:40-11:10:] Coffee

[11:10-11:45:] Louis Esperet, Adapted list colouring of planar graphs
[11:45-12:20:] Frederic Havet, L(p,q)-labelling of graphs
[12:20-12:50:] Daniel Goncalves, Planar graphs and intersection graphs of segments

[12:50-15:30] Lunch followed by a break

[15:30-16:05:] Tibor Jordan, Edge-disjoint spanning trees, brick partitions and body-and-pin frameworks
[16:05-16:35:] Matthias Kriesell, Degree sequences and edge-connectivity

[16:35-17:00:] Coffee

[17:00-17:35:] Hajo Broersma, Sharp upper bounds for the minimum number of components of 2-factors in claw-free graphs
[17:35-18:05:] Anders Yeo Total domination in 2-connected graphs and transversals in hypergraphs

[19:00-] Conference dinner

Sunday December 9:

[07:00-09:00:] Breakfast followed by room clearance
[09:00-09:35:] Carsten Thomassen, Graph Decomposition
[09:35-10:05:] Paul Wollan,Complete minors in large 6-connected graphs

[10:05-10:35:] Coffee

[10:35-11:10:] Stephan Brandt, Colouring and distinguishing edges by total labellings
[11:10-11:40:] Bernhard Fuchs, Approximating Range Assignment Problems

[11:50-14:30:] Lunch followed by departure

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