Supervised Ph.D. theses

  1. Tommy Jensen , Structure of Critical Graphs, 1996 (shared with Bjarne Toft who was the main supervisor of Tommy Jensen).
  2. Anders Yeo, Semicomplete multipartite digraphs, 1998
  3. Morten Hegner Nielsen, Path-cycle sub(di)graphs in well-structured graphs and digraphs, 2006
  4. Anders Sune Pedersen ,Graph colouring with applications, 2007-2010 (shared with Bjarne Toft who was the main supervisor)
  5. Thomas Sejr Jensen , Applications of metaheuristics to real-life scheduling problems, April 2012.
  6. Rune Larsen , Optimization methods for real-life scheduling problems, June 2012.
  7. Niels Kjeldsen, Long term planning in the energy sector, September 2012 (shared with Marco Chiarandini who was the technical supervisor)
  8. Sven Simonsen, Complexity analysis of problems involving paths, trees and cycles in digraphs, November 2013.
  9. Alessandro Maddaloni Algorithmic properties of (structured) digraphs with special emphasis on connectivity, paths and cycles, November 2013.
  10. Tilde Christiansen: Algorithmic and structural problems in digraphs, December 17th 2018. Tilde My Christiansen's PhD dissertation as a PDF
  11. Kristine Vitting Klinkby Knudsen: Parametrized problems in digraphs, 26 November 2021. Joint degree with University of Bergen (co-tutelle agreement)

Ph.D. students under supervision