IMADA Rules, Help, Etc.


Exam relevant information is under that headline.

Starting dates for BS and MS advising are September 1 or January 1 (applications must be submitted before that). Contracts can be reviewed in the blanket system.

Current and recent CS MS students can be found on the password-protected Computer Science Thesis Students page.

Ph.D. students are in the SmartReg system; see the information page. The only working hours that can be entered into the system without first agreeing with the head of department are official teaching or TA’ing and the hours given for official stay abroad.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, May, 2016]

The best introduction to the Ph.D. rules is the local clarifications by Joan.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, January, 2016]

It may be possible to host non-employed Ph.D. students.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, January, 2017]


Talk to an experienced IMADA person in great detail before trying a new exam form, especially written (4 hour) or oral exam.

There is a local brief introduction to the grading process which might be useful for newcomers to the Danish system in particular.

External Examiners (Censors)

For CS, find your external examiner in the database. Note that as of the ministerial order from Summer 2016, the external examiner must be from another university; not just another faculty.

Inge distributes a collection of documents for the external examiner, but some forms are online, including the salary form from 2018.

Bachelor and MS Theses

Deadlines for handing in are June 1 or January 1. Students hand in via Blackboard and IMADA's Secretariat distributes to the advisors and external examiners via (login with standard SDU credentials).

[Source: IMADA News Letter, May, 2016]

The grade must be given no later than June 30 or January 31, respectively.

A BS reexam is with unchanged project description and deadline the first coming August 31 or March 1, respectively.

An MS reexam is with a new project description prepared within 2 weeks and an additional 3 months for the work.

[Source: IMADA Departmental Forum, January, 2017]

Some Rules

A list or protocol of students who have passed a possible prerequisite test in a course must be sent to the exam office at least 3 weeks prior to the exam.

[Source: Notat om fortolkning af Eksamensbekendtgørelsen, Faculty of Science, October, 2016]

All entries on a protocol must be filled in. In the regular cases, this is with a grade, where the grades 0 and 2 must be written 00 and 02. If the student does not show up, this is written U (for "udeblevet"), and if no grade can be given due to cheating, AV (for "afvist") is used.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, February, 2017]

There are a couple of pages with detailed instructions on how to fill in the protocol, covering all cases.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, October, 2017]

Additional rules:

[Source: IMADA Departmental Forum, January, 2017]


All exam sets including projects must be archived. This can be handled automatically via Blackboard. In the course description after each entry describing an exam element, there is a code. This code can be given when setting up the turning-in of a project in Blackboard to facilitate automatic archiving.


Information on cheating is available for staff and students.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, February, 2017]

There are also rules about conduct in general.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, June, 2017]


The main contact is Support Office, Science (SOS) and SDU RIO, and there is a list of contacts for different tasks.

Research Professional is a funding announcement database tool - contact Hanne Dahl Mortensen, SOS ( for access and assistance.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, November, 2016]

All applications should be sent to with Cc to for registration in Acadre.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, August, 2016]

One can get a personal digital signature.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, March, 2016]


At least 7 days prior to arrival, a guest form must be submitted to Lone.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, February, 2018]

SDU has been pre-approved as an institution hosting international visitors requiring visa for their visits. The pre-approval of SDU lasts for 3 years and has the advantage of shorter processing time for visa applications and more flexible application procedure. Contact Luna Kyung Keller Larsen, International Staff Office (

[Source: IMADA News Letter, September, 2016] (or Søren at 65502053) can help with long-term accommodation.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, January, 2017]

There is an form to fill in.


Minutes of the IMADA management group meetings are available on Sharepoint.

Marco maintains the password-protected IMADA Wiki, which has a lot of (this) information.

The publishing company Alfabeta has published a guide to Danish language and grammar aimed at foreigners learning Danish.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, March, 2016]

Access to media via SDU.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, September, 2016]

IT, Systems, and Data

IT-Service's Servicedesk:, phone 6550 2990.

Servicedesk South has temporarily been moved to the main servicedesk.

In particular, notice their page on Information Security and Multi Factor Authentication.

Current Problems with Systems. has some tools not necessarily available otherwise, such as full acrobat, etc. It's slow: 'activate' and wait! provides an interface to printing. More limited functionality can be obtained when printing via email to See also the CUPS overview if you are at IMADA.

SDU VPN connection.

SDU wireless.

Password Change.

SDU Webmail.

IMADA/SDU logos for talks and letters, design in general (with login to protected site), and brand guide.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, February, 2019]

Stamblad - information about you on the system.

There are rules for having an SDU cell phone.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, May, 2017]

Your offical SDU home page should be kept up-to-date via As a minimum, the page should list the email address and phone number, including the cell phone number if one has a cell phone paid for via SDU.

[Source: IMADA Departmental Forum, January, 2018]

An overview of the selection of standard equipment is available from IT-service.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, June, 2019]

All purchases of IT equipment must be made via Per Jannsen.

[Source: IMADA Departmental Forum, March, 2018]

The (mostly) IT-related GDPR issues has its own process description with special rules if your research involves person data.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, February, 2019]

IMADA has its own GDPR action plan.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, May, 2019]

Handling of protocols specifically should be according to the announced procedure.

[Source: Mail from IL to DL-NAT-IMADA-VIP-Alle, April 3, 2019]

Job, Salary, Pension, and Benefits

Secondary employment for tenured staff must be reported, if of one of the following types: See the information page and report to head of department.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, January, 2017]

Pension Schemes.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, December, 2016]

There are rules against accepting gifts or grants from private suppliers.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, August, 2016]

SDU has some staff benefits, including rebates and access to sports facilities and arrangements.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, January, 2017]

Sideline employment may or may not be legal, depending on citizenship, work permit, and type of main employment: Danish version, English version (may not be (as) official).

[Source: IMADA News Letter, June, 2018]


General contact information:, phone 65507331 (southern desk for technique), 65502611 (main desk).

Locally, one can use the unmanned "lendomat", books can be returned on the nearby shelf, and new books can be inspected there. Ordered books are sent using internal post.

Books can be placed on the semester shelf by personal contact to the southern desk or by mail to Else Marie Hansen,

Old MS dissertations can be borrowed from the southern desk on request.

[Source: Library services at the future OMB, February, 2017]

New books for the library can be requested via bogforslag and the responsible contact person is Daniella Deutz,, 4264.

[Source: IMADA Departmental Forum, January, 2018]

Some guidelines are available online.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, May, 2017]

If you have trouble accessing a paper that we should have access to, try this link.

Mail (snail)

Personal mail and, in particular, packages may not be sent to SDU: Alternatives.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, December, 2016]

The letter boxes should be emptied regularly, so they do not overflow.

[Source: IMADA Departmental Forum, June, 2017]

Occasionally, mail is not delivered, but can be picked up. The location for this is Ø4-401-0: Take Gydehutten to Bøgene, go to the basement and head towards Campusvej, and find the post distribution center on the left.


Room booking is done via TimeEdit. For courses, the STADS number (can be found on the course description) is required to associate the booking with the course (enabling calendar features for the students).

For permanent booking of the seminar room, see Teaching.

The seminar room, the small meeting room, the Meth. Lab, and the eScience meeting room (first door in the eScience hallway) are booked via the secretaries' office. The small meeting room is not for student use, since we want it to be immediately available, and so should be kept locked.

[Source: IMADA Departmental Forum, March, 2017]

The meeting room facilities on the 13th and 14th floor in the Campus House can be booked via email to

[Source: IMADA News Letter, February, 2016]

The research station at Svanninge Bjerge can be booked free of charge. It has room for up to 80 people in the house, and over-night accommodation is available for up to 36 people.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, May, 2016]

When arranging a conference-like meeting at SDU, the conference manager might be a help with payment, email, name tags etc.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, June, 2019]

Parking and Access

See the new, dedicated traffic page for upcomming closures of parking lots near us.

The slighter older info page for updates on parking and construction may still be relevant as well.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, February, 2018]

Note that car registration which was in effect 2016-17 has been discontinued.

Information is also available about ongoing construction on campus.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, January, 2019]


Reporting of publications and other activities is via PURE; information can be obtained via the guides. Deadlines are four times per year: Jan. 15, Apr. 15, Jul. 15, Oct. 15. Note that our budget is a function of the papers you enter into PURE! Rikke Andersen ( is responsible for upload of manuscripts to the system.

IMADA employees must comply with the department's open science policy.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, May, 2019]

Everyone must have an up-to-date cv and teaching portfolio on their official SDU home page (data is entered via PURE).

[Source: IMADA News Letter, June, 2014]

The ORCID must also be listed.

[Source: IMADA Departmental Forum, August, 2019]

It is possible to get your picture updated by emailing; it may have to be followed by setting showing-permissions via pds. Fingerprints and other things showing up on our official home pages can be edited/removed in pure.

Social Life

We don't really expect you to have any, but still...

Send a photo of yourself for the IMADA Picture Database so people know who you are.

Picture and contact details must be kept available on the web.

[Source: IMADA Departmental Forum, June, 2017]

There is a guide for how to get a picture on your offical SDU page.

Join the Semi-Academic Cake Club - just show up in the coffee room some Tuesday at 14:30 (occasionally, it is moved).

Join the "Friday Bread" - almost any Friday at 10:00 in the coffee room - sign up with Rolf.

Sign up for the Fun Mailing List - mail to (unused in long periods; feel free to restart).


Study statistics can be found via the whitebook.

Student workshops are announced via Facebook.

[Source: Mail from Peter Bækgaard Madsen, January 16, 2017]


For immediate lecture room problems, contact Technical Service at local 8888 (email:

Much course information has moved to the student pages that can be accessed via

One can get early information on the number of students signed up for courses (login/password: nat/100888). The link changes in a logical manner every semester.

Books should be orderes via the University Book Store.

Schedule requests are forwarded when a deadline is announced.

For most courses, one can get calendar feeds.

Some (currently not the newest) teaching and meeting rooms can be mapped and looked up in different ways other than the official.

Marco schedules elective courses and the use of the seminar room.

For room booking, see Meetings.

Course administration is done via Blackboard. A lot of guides are available, but there are also constraints: You are not allowed to do everything you can do. Instructions are usually attached when you are informed that your course is ready in Blackboard. It's possible to look at all IMADA courses by logging in using a login/password combination which is sent out once per semester. One can see the number of students signed up, using a semester variant of the Fall 2017 link by logging in using another login/password combination also send out once per semester.

Photocopying is governed by the Copydan Writing agreement.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, January, 2017]

The faculty management group has decided on principles for teaching-related tasks, detailing the expected teaching load.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, January, 2017]

All courses must have a midway evaluation, conducted by the teacher in whichever form seems most useful.

Coordination of deadlines and other issues between courses is handled via the semester responsible person: Wojciech Szymanski (mathematics), Fernando Colchero (applied mathematics), Marco Chiarandini (computer science).

[Source: IMADA Departmental Forum, January, 2018]

Course description are entered and updated via ODIN and there is a guide available for when you need to edit (remember to select Faculty of Science in the menu first).

[Source: IMADA Departmental Forum, August, 2019]

Travel & Reimbursement

Reservations and Purchases

Wrt. airfare and hotels abroad, this must be done via Egencia's home page. If necessary, they can be contacted by phone on 70708122.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, August, 2016]

The government maintains favorable deals with some Danish hotels; book yourself or get assistance from

[Source: IMADA News Letter, August, 2016]

Choice of payment method for a conference fee should be made according to a prioritized list.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, June, 2018]


Reimbursement is via zExpense:

For reimbursement of expenses such as, for instance, credit card payment of a conference fee before traveling, one should choose the option "refusion ved rejse og udlæg"; not "rejseafregning" (that is, not the travel reimbursement option).

[Source: IMADA News Letter, June, 2018]

Points to remember that are difficult to guess from the forms:

Contact Annika Jarl in case of problems.

Transportation during a stay at a given location is not refunded unless the situation is unusual. The assumption is that this is covered by the per diem. Uber, GoMore, etc. are not refunded under any circumstances.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, January, 2017]

Use of own car or rental car or a hotel more expensive than the upper bound in the ministerial order must be approved in advance by the head of department and the approval included when filling in reimbursement forms.

[Source: IMADA Departmental Forum, August, 2017]

More details are available at Cirkulærer vedr. tjenesterejser, Godtgørelse for kørsel i egen bil, and paper forms are available for guests at Rejseafregning i skrivbar pdf.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, February, 2017]

Further help in connection with reimbursement issues where errors are often detected (in Danish only), slowing the reimbursement process.


Travel Insurance

[Source: IMADA News Letter, December, 2017]

It's possible to get an SDU credit card connected to employment of at least 18.5 hours per week. All expenses must be pre-approved and accounted for immediately after a trip.

[Source: IMADA Departmental Forum, January, 2018


[Source: IMADA News Letter, February, 2019]

Grant holders can check the status of their grants on QlikView, looking for accounting/budget and SDU Grant.


One can see one's own scheduled vacation and use the guides.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, May, 2016]

Be aware of changes with the new vacation law.

[Source: IMADA News Letter, February, 2019]

It is not clear how the details will be worked out at SDU, but the union has some overall descriptions of possibilities.


Data protection at SDUDatabeskyttelse på SDU