Online Algorithms with Advice: A Survey.
Joan Boyar, Lene M. Favrholdt, Christian Kudahl, Kim S. Larsen, and Jesper W. Mikkelsen.
ACM Computing Surveys. Accepted for Publication.
In online scenarios requests arrive over time, and each request must be serviced in an irrevocable manner before the next request arrives. Online algorithms with advice is an area of research where one attempts to measure how much knowledge of future requests is necessary to achieve a given performance level, as defined by the competitive ratio. When this knowledge, the advice, is obtainable, this leads to practical algorithms, called semi-online algorithms. On the other hand, each negative result gives robust results about the limitations of a broad range of semi-online algorithms. This survey explains the models for online algorithms with advice, motivates the study in general, presents some examples of the work that has been carried out, and includes a quite complete set of references, organized by problem studied.

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