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Seven Week System ("Kvartalssystem")[1]

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  1. ^ For people with knowledge of American English and American university traditions and a minimal amount of Danish, this may be quite confusing. The Danish term "kvartal" refers to a three months period, just like the American expression "quarter". However, the system used here is not a quarter system. A quarter system usually implies regular teaching in three quarters every year, each teaching period is about 10 weeks long, and in between there are some breaks, so that all in all it adds up to something at least close to a quarter. In the system used at SDU, there is teaching in four periods every year, each teaching period is 7 weeks, and there are a couple of weeks breaks in between. Thus, in Danish, the term "kvartalssystem" is misleading, since it indicates that we follow the quarters which we certainly don't. It ought to be "kvartsystem" or "fjerdedelssystem", indicating only that teaching is divided into four parts.