DM565 - Formal Languages and Data Processing
Fall 2023
Kim Skak Larsen

Home Innovation

Welcome to DM565!
This course consists of a traditional course part and an innovation project. The first roughly 10 weeks are dedicated to the traditional course part. In this part, you will hear about regular expressions, finite automata, and grammars – and their application in data processing. This will include a journey from data formats, via simple data transformations using regular expressions and stream editor tools, before it culminates with the ultimate data transformation concepts in the form of compilers. This part is run by Kim Skak Larsen and evaluated via a written multiple choice test in January.

The innovation project part is run by Peter Bækgaard Von Lehnsburg and Rolf Fagerberg and it evolves around value creation using techniques from the course part. Some information meetings may be held before we have completed the traditional course part entirely, but the bulk of the work for the innovation project will take place during the last 5 weeks of the course, from about the middle of November. The innovation part is evaluated via a report and an oral presentation shortly before Xmas.

All information for the course will of course be available via Itslearning. However, all information can also be accessed via the professor's own home page – this does not require logging in and it doesn't time out.


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