Fully Abstract Models for a Process Language with Refinement.
Mogens Nielsen, Uffe Engberg, and Kim S. Larsen.
In REX: Linear Time, Branching Time and Partial Order in Logics and Models of Concurrency (REX), volume 354 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 523-548. Springer, 1989.
We study the use of sets of labelled partial orders (pomsets) as denotational model for process algebras. More specifically, we study their capability to capture degrees of nonsequentiality of processes. We present four full abstractness results. The operational equivalences are based on maximal action-sequences and step-sequences -- defined for a very simple process language and its extension with a refinement combinator (change of atomicity). The denotational models are all expressed as abstractions of a standard association of sets of labelled partial orders with processes.

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