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Anonymous Quotes

[These quotes are kept anonymous since otherwise I was not allowed to put them on my web page.]

I'm not eating enough less. -- Anonymous woman

Danes have to go that way to get all their fresh air. It's possible I'm underobsessed with fresh air from living in Chicago, but [...] -- Anonymous Chicagoan

Anonymous mother while creating animals in play dough: "See Marianne, a dog!" Marianne: "Moo..."

With the new curriculum, it will be easier for students to pass automata theory, because then they'll have had baby math first. -- Anonymous teacher [about the introduction of the discrete math course]

You're much better at spelling my name than I am. -- Anonymous American [Admittedly, two languages were involved at the time.]

Monkey is really tired of this game! -- Anonymous mother [This was said after Marianne had insisted for quite a while that monkey dress and undress her.]

Going there really won't be much out of the way... that is, if we're not going in the right direction in the first place. -- Anonymous wife, trying to convince her husband

There's still a lot left of a very tiny piece! -- Anonymous mother [Trying to convince her daughter to take a second bite of a new dish.]

Marianne doesn't like the parts that have been exposed to its outside! -- Anonymous mother [Trying to inform her husband that her daughter doesn't like the grilled part of the chicken.]

Marianne: "Prut, prut, prut, prut, ...". Anonymous mother: "Marianne! I don't like it when you say the same thing over and over and over and over..."

Listen, Marianne: "Oooooooctopus. That's a *short* 'o'!" Anonymous mother [Teaching her daughter phonetics.]

There's an umbrella in my purse that I didn't know about! -- Anonymous mother [said when her daughter found a zipper on the side of her purse which she had been using for about a year.]

Kind old man in airport: "You're a cute little girl! What's the name of your rabbit?" Anonymous mother of child (quite tired after hours of travelling): "She calls it DOG!"

Anonymous wife [after a bridge hand where her husband explained to the opponents that the bid implied at least 10 points]: "If I should only have had 8 points to bid, I wouldn't have been cheating by much!"

George Washington was a very honest man -- even as a boy! -- Anonymous mother

Marianne is trying to read the Danish word 'end'. Marianne: "ænd." Anonymous mother: "The 'd' is silent." Marianne: "Oh... én!" Anonymous mother: "Not *that* silent!"

Anonymous wife: "He looks younger than your age!" [I think she was carefully trying to avoid saying that he looked younger than me, but I'm still thinking about how this should be interpreted.]

Anonymous mother, correcting and settling things after a pronunciation error where "mommy" was pronounced "mummy": "Mummies live in Egypt!"

The orginal background is lost, but the continuation was that an anonymous wife padded her husband on the shoulder. Husband: "What are you doing?" Anonymous wife: "I'm comforting you because you're so stupid!" (For some reason, it didn't really work all that well...)

Other Family Quotes

[Quite a few of these are in the subcategory "Is Our Daughter a Mathematician?"]

Kim: "Marianne! Don't remove that bookmark; then I don't know where I am." Marianne (while pulling it out): "You're in our house!"

Marianne (pointing to the lamp): "Tænd den af!" [From "turn it off", obviously.]

Marianne (pointing and reaching up): "Bury me over there." ["bær" + "carry", obviously]

Talkative grandma while discussing with Marianne who speaks which language: "Jeg snakker jo altid dansk." Marianne: "Nej... ikke altid... ikke når du sover..."

Marianne (pointing to her drawing): "I made the top dark blue, because that's the sky, and the bottom light blue, because that's air."

Marianne's grandma at the aquarium: "See Marianne, that's a cod". Marianne: "Oh, I thought it was a fish!"

While Marianne is unwrapping a birthday present sent by mail, having just discovered the third layer of wrapping (which is gift paper)... Kim: "Wow! There are three packages inside each other." Marianne (5 years old): "We don't know!", and she starts explaining that there could be more layers inside the current one...

Marianne at the aquarium: "What is that fish?" Her grandpa: "it's a salmon." Marianne (to the fish): "You taste good!"

Kim: "How many *different* letters are there in 'Marianne'"? [we had just discussed the total of 8] Marianne (7 1/2 years old answers immediately): "6!" The explanation for the fast answer was that 'a' and 'n' are there twice.

Kim: "Vi kan ikke næste weekend." Marianne (7 1/2): "Nå, men så gør vi det i overweekend".

Marianne (1st grade): "We are 15 boys and 7 girls in my class". Kim (unable to forget that he's a teacher): "So, if each girl took a boy in each hand and left the class room, how many boys would be left?" Marianne (after a moment's reflection): "Benny"! [the name has been changed to protect the innocent; well... he was really not that innocent, but anyway...]

Farmor (while looking out the window at the rainy weather): "Der er ikke mange, der går tur udenfor." Marianne (2nd grade): "Der er heller ikke mange, der går tur indenfor!"

Other Quotes

Det lykkedes dig til sidst at finde tilstrækkeligt mange huller i hans uvidenhed! -- Lars Jacobsen [censor under voteringen efter en mundtlig eksamen, der efter hårdt arbejde endte med mindst mulige beståelseskarakter]

A foreign student wanted to ask about the faculty's regular morning discussions in the coffee room. Unfortunately, he couldn't quite remember the word 'discussing'. In addition, he wasn't able to continue the sentence after the mistake, which was then allowed to just hang in the air. His opening line was: "At 10 o'clock, I understand that you are disgusting..."

En gruppe studerende sidder og snakker muntert sammen. De ser Lene, som lige kommer forbi, og spørger: "Hej Lene! Er du en nørd?", hvor til Lene svarer: "Definér 'nørd'!"

Kim skal have hjælp til noget havearbejde og beslutter sig for, at det nok er mest smertefrit at ringe til et veletableret firma, så han finder den største annonce i telefonbogen og ringer op. Svarer: "Det er Per". Kim: "Øh... det var Blommenlyst Haveservice, jeg skulle have fat i". Svarer: "Ja, det er mig!"

En ven af søster, som faktisk prøvede at være opmuntrende, mens jeg forsøgte at skære brød, der nok var lidt for varmt (jeg syntes ellers, det gik så nogenlunde): "Man kan jo ikke være god til alting - og det vigtigste er jo også, at det smager godt..."

Nu er "umuligt" jo bare en holdning! -- Lars Jacobsen [under eksamen i Geometriske Algoritmer]