In addition to the requirements of the Faculty of Science at the University of Southern Denmark, the following guidelines for Ph.D. students in this research training program applies:
  • The student must have an official advisor who is a associated with the research training program.
  • The student must complete a course program which is in accordance with the current course requirements.
  • The student must be exposed to at least one other research environment during the Ph.D. program. This should typically be in the form of a 6 months visit to non-Danish research institution.
  • The student is expected to publish in well-respected international peer-reviewed conference proceedings and journals. See further details under publication requirements.
  • The student is expected to participate in the Computer Science Colloquia and to present his or her own work in that forum as well.
  • With regular intervals, informal meetings are arranged where Ph.D. students meet with faculty members as well as Ph.D students from other topics in Computer Science. The students are expected to participate actively in these meetings.
Under certain circumstances, dispensations may be given.


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