Week 8

Lecture Monday (16.02.2015)

The fourth lecture will introduce monitors and show how to model them. On the Java side, we learn about the wait-notify mechanism.


Chapter 5

Lecture Friday (18.02.2015)

The fifth lecture will introduce the deadlock problem, conditions for when this problem occurs, and discuss ways of detecting and solving the problem.


Chapter 6

Study Groups

We will use Exercises 4.3 and 4.4 as a test run for the project. Like in the project, you will first come up with a model, then get feedback on it, and finally implement it. Here, the interaction between study group and exercise sessions is important.

1) Prepare Exercise 4.3.

2) Present and compare models for Exercise 4.3 with the other group members.


1) Do Exercises 4.1 - 4.2.

2) Do Exercises 4.4.

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