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Practical Computer Science & Bioinformatics

The group is headed by Richard Röttger and located at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

In our research we mainly focus on the analysis of biological networks and large-scale biomedical datasets. We aim to use existing information as efficiently as possible and extract knowledge of the plethora of available biological data. Only the efficient combination of several types of biological datasets allows for a deeper understanding on how organisms manage cell responses, reproduction and adaption to changing environmental conditions.


We recently published ClustEval in Nature Methods!

Student Projects:

Are you interested in doing your Master thesis or your ISA with us? Look at the available topics, or suggest your own project!

Current Research

The group recently developed ClustEval, an efficient, highly adaptable and fully automated clustering framework. Furthermore, we developed TransClust, an efficient, state-of-the-art clustering tool and web-platforms for the in depths analysis of gene regulatory networks. Please find more information about our current projects by following the links: