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Arthur Zimek

Curriculum Vitae
Student Projects

Supervised Student Projects

Current and finished student projects (projects or bachelor/master/diploma theses):


[79]Rupika Pushparupan:
Exploration of Density-estimation Techniques and Heuristics for Parameter Selection.
individual study activity, 2018.
[78]Troels Risum Vigsøe Frimer:
Detecting Invalid Traffic.
company project, 2018.
[77]Nicolai Jørgensen:
Analysis of multiple correlations among attributes.
individual study activity, 2018.
[76]Jonatan Møller Gøttcke:
Class Imbalance and Probabilistic Learning in k-Nearest-Neighbor Classification.
individual study activity, 2018.
[75]Cecilie Louise Neupart:
Data mining and statistical learning.
individual study activity, 2018.
[74]Maria Nathalia Vinter Kristensen:
Evaluation of Outlier Results.
individual study activity, 2018.


[73]Péter Szinger:
Big Data Analysis: Recommender Systems Case Study.
bachelor project, 2017.
[72]Klaus Kristiansen, Troels Frimer, Nicolai Jørgensen:
Development of an Artificial Intelligence-based Recruiting Consultant.
bachelor project, 2017.


[71]Dominik Acker:
Visualisierung hochdimensionaler Daten mit t-SNE.
bachelor's thesis, 2016.
[70]Elias Englmeier:
Dimensional Testing for Reverse k-Nearest Neighbor Search.
master's thesis, 2016.
[69]Frederic Sauter:
Association Rule Generation and Evaluation of Interestingness Measures for Artwork Tags.
bachelor's thesis, 2016.
[68]Sebastian Rühl:
Event Detection in ARTigo Data.
bachelor's thesis, 2016.
[67]Alexander Fischer-Brandies:
Explaining Outliers in ARTigo.
bachelor's thesis, 2016.
[66]Tien Duc Nguyen:
Explorative Cluster Analysis of Artworks for the ARTigo Analytics Center.
bachelor's thesis, 2016.
[65]Julian Erhard:
Accelerating MiniMax Hierarchical Clustering.
bachelor's thesis, 2016.
[64]Evelyn Kirner:
Outlier Ensembles with Approximate Neighborhoods.
master's thesis, 2016.
[63]Benedikt Böhm:
Building Blocks for Multicriteria Recommendation Systems.
project, 2016.
[62]Sebastian Schmoll:
Beschleunigter DBSCAN mit Cover Trees.
project, 2016.
[61]Daniel Basaran:
On the effect of duplicated reviews on performance statistics of recommender systems.
master's thesis, 2016.
[60]Alexandra Kaiser:
Cluster-based Evaluation of Outlier Detection Results.
bachelor's thesis, 2016.


[59]Shaonan Zhang:
Analysis and Design of High Dimensional Datasets with respect to Intrinsic Dimensionality and Hubness.
master's thesis, 2015.
[58]Jonas Steinke:
Robust k-Means Variants.
bachelor's thesis, 2015.
[57]Marie Kiermeier:
Using Outlierness to Find Non-linearly Correlated Subspace Clusters.
master's thesis, 2015.
[56]Marie Kiermeier:
Arbitrarily-oriented Subspace Cluster Algorithms.
project, 2015.
[55]Alexander Koos:
A Framework for Clustering Uncertain Data.
bachelor's thesis, 2015.
[54]Bernhard Fabry:
Analysis and Comparison of Components of Outlier Detection Ensembles.
bachelor's thesis, 2015.
[53]Benedikt Böhm:
Multicriteria Rating Systems.
bachelor's thesis, 2015.


[52]Evgeniy Faerman:
Acceleration of Clustering Algorithms Through Locality-Sensitive Hashing.
master's thesis, 2014.
[51]Stephan Baier:
Design and Evaluation of Internal Clustering Validation Methods.
master's thesis, 2014.
[50]Sebastian Hollizeck:
Evaluierung von Featurerepräsentationen für Proteine.
master's thesis, 2014.
[49]Marie Kiermeier:
Über die Signifikanz von Clustern.
bachelor's thesis, 2014.
[48]Alexander Klimczak:
Visualizing Clustering Algorithms for Education.
bachelor's thesis, 2014.
[47]Fiona Draxler:
Feature Representations for Image Data - Properties and Combinations.
bachelor's thesis, 2014.
[46]Stephan Baier:
Implementation and Evaluation of the Bag of Visual Words Pipeline.
project, 2014.
[45]Jonathan von Brünken:
Outlier Detection based on Intrinsic Dimensionality.
diploma thesis, 2014.
[44]Florian Nücke:
Sampling-based Subspace Clustering.
diploma thesis, 2014.


[43]Ernst Waas:
Finding Statistically Significant Correlation Clusters.
diploma thesis, 2013.
[42]Florian Nücke:
Random-based Subspace Clustering.
project, 2013.


[41]Robert Rödler:
Interaktives Data-Mining auf parallelen Koordinaten.
diploma thesis, 2012.
[40]OUTRES - Implementation and Evaluation:
Viktoria Pleintinger.
bachelor's thesis, 2012.
[39]Ivaylo Dimov:
OutRank - Subspace-Clustering basierte Ausreißererkennung im Vergleich.
bachelor's thesis, 2012.
[38]Jan Brusis:
Outlier detection in biomedical data.
bachelor's thesis, 2012.
[37]Matthias Schelle:
Implementation and Similarity-Evaluation of Facial Image Features.
bachelor's thesis, 2012.
[36]Sascha Goldhofer:
Evaluation-Measures for Clusterings.
diploma thesis, 2012.
[35]Lisa Reichert:
Ähnlichkeitssuche in hochdimensionalen Räumen und Unterräumen.
diploma thesis, 2012.
[34]Remigius Wojdanowski:
Evaluation Methods for Outlier Scores.
diploma thesis, 2012.


[33]Heidi Kolb:
Angle-based Clustering.
diploma thesis, 2011.
[32]Christiane Gargitter:
Hochdimensionales Indexing.
diploma thesis, 2011.
[31]Jakob Betke:
Evaluationsverfahren von Clustering-Algorithmen für Genexpressions-Daten.
bachelor's thesis, 2011.
[30]Robert Rödler:
Visualization of Cluster Models.
project, 2011.
[29]Ahmed Hettab:
Generalisierte lokale Ausreißer in räumlichem Kontext.
diploma thesis, 2011.
[28]Stefan Attenberger:
Evaluation of Biclustering Algorithms for Biclusters with Coherent Evolution in Gene Expression Data.
bachelor's thesis, 2011.
[27]Carina Demel:
Evaluation of Biclustering Algorithms for Biclusters with Coherent Values in gene Expression Data.
bachelor's thesis, 2011.
[26]Sascha Goldhofer:
Visuelle Cluster-Evaluierung.
project, 2011.
[25]Florian Frankenberger:
Approximative kNN-Join in Large Data Sets Using Distributed Computing .
Diploma Thesis, 2011.
[24]Lucia Cichella:
Experimenteller Vergleich von Outlier-Detection-Algorithmen.
bachelor's thesis, 2011.
[23]Katharina Rausch:
Experimental Evaluation of Clustering Algorithms.
bachelor's thesis, 2011.


[22]Christiane Gargitter:
Auflösestrategien für spaltenbasiertes Indexing hochdimensionaler Daten.
project, 2010.
[21]Christian Mönnig:
Pruningheuristiken für spaltenbasiertes Indexing hochdimensionaler Daten.
project, 2010.
[20]Ernst Waas:
Sampling-Methoden für Correlation Clustering.
project, 2010.
[19]Heidi Kolb:
Interaktive Visualisierung der Ergebnisse von Data Mining Algorithmen.
project, 2010.
[18]Simon Mittermüller:
On the Significance of Biclusterings.
Diploma Thesis, 2010.
[17]Ahmed Hettab:
Implementierung und Evaluierung von Outlier Detection Verfahren.
project, 2010.
[16]Irina Jankovska:
Visuelle Bearbeitung hochdimensionaler Daten.
project, 2010.
[15]Lisa Reichert:
Implementierung und Evaluierung von Outlier Detection Verfahren.
project, 2010.


[14]Remigius Wojdanowski:
Visualisierung der Ergebnisse von Outlier Detection Verfahren auf hochdimensionalen Daten.
project, 2009.
[13]Simon Mittermüller:
Visualisierung und Evaluierung von Biclustering-Verfahren.
project, 2009.


[12]Theodor Mazilu:
Untersuchung der Fraktalen Dimension und ihrer Verwendung in Clustering-Algorithmen.
diploma thesis, 2008.
[11]Erich Schubert:
Statistical Approaches for Robustifying Correlation Clustering Algorithms.
Diploma Thesis, 2008.
[10]Matthias Wolf:
project, 2008.
[9]Maria Hauser:
Ontology-based Evaluation of Microarray-Clustering.
project, 2008.
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[8]Marion Gall:
Interaktive Integration heterogener Datenquellen.
diploma thesis, 2007.
[7]Simon Paradies:
Non-linear Correlation Clustering on Microarray Data.
Diploma Thesis, 2007.
[6]Jing Gong:
Prediction Methods for Subcellular Localization of Proteins.
Diploma Thesis, 2007.
[ prediction server ]
[5]Wei Tiandi:
Analysis of Correlation between Subcellular Localization and the Structure of Proteins.
Diploma Thesis, 2007.
[ classifier ]
[4]Svetlana Davletgareeva:
Analysis of Independent Components for Correlation Clusters.
Diploma Thesis, 2007.


[3]Markus Bundschus:
Entity and Relation Extraction from Biomedical Text Corpora.
Diploma Thesis, 2006.
[2]Jörn David:
Correlation Clustering Based on the Hough Transform.
Diploma Thesis, 2006.
[1]Ina Müller-Gormann:
Towards Hierarchical Subspace Clustering.
Diploma Thesis, 2006.

overall: 49 undergraduate theses, individual study activities, and projects, 30 graduate theses.