Odense Summer on Logic and Programming
University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark
July 18 - 22, 2011
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All conferences and workshops take place in the conference section of the main campus of the University of Southern Denmark. The conference section is located directly left when entering through the main entrance of the university. Check the Travel Page for information how to get to the conference venue.

The city Odense
Odense is located on Funen, a small island in the middle of the Kingdom of Denmark, and is the third-largest city in Denmark. Odense is perhaps best known as the city where Hans Christian Andersen was born and grew up. He certainly made his mark on his home town, as Odense is still devoted to creative experiences with a difference: "To play is to live!"
Odense is a green city with many parks for relaxing, exercising and enjoying the silence. In 1966 Odense became a university city and home in 1988 to one of the major national TV network channels, TV2.
The nightlife in Odense is principally centred around Gråbrødre Plads and Brandts Passage.

The island Funen
From Funen to Seeland stands the second highest suspension bridge of the world: The Great Belt Bridge. Funen is also well know for its large share of castles and manors. Egeskov Castle is one of the island's most visited attractions, situated only a half hour drive from Odense. Althought the castle is privately owned, you can visit large parts of the castle itself, and of course enjoy the wonderful park with all the different types of gardens. Valdemar's Castle near Svendborg and Nyborg Castle in Nyborg also shows a fascinating charm.

The countryside and seaside around Funen is addictive from the first visit. Small harbours with new as well as old wooden ships as in Svendborg or Kerteminde, a changing countryside as on the South of Funen and old small houses as in several villages on the islands, will leave you with unforgettable impressions. - One of the many wooden ships you will be able to find in among other Svendborg is Skonnerten Fylla. Least but not last in Kertminde you can go under water while keeping your clothes dry in Fjord og Bælt. For more information about things to see and do on Funen visit the local tourism bureau.

Average clima
Denmark's weather is quite mild and the climate is temperate. The summers are mild and the average day temperature in the warmest month, July is between 20°C and 25°C. Because of Denmark's northern location in Europe, there are beautifully long summer days with sunrise at 3:30 am and late sunsets at 10 pm. Consequently many people visit the beaches in the evening and enjoy sun, sand, and water. There are 11 official beaches for swimming and many, many more possibilities to enjoy the water.

The University of Southern Denmark
The University of Southern Denmark has more than 20,000 students and more than 3,000 employees. The university offers teaching and research at 6 campuses situated on Funen, in the south of Jutland, west of Zealand, and in Denmark's capital: Odense, Kolding, Esbjerg, Sønderborg, Slagelse, and Copenhagen. The University of Southern Denmark has created an institution of higher research and education which provides first-class educational opportunities and is a cooperation partner for both public and private businesses and organisations for providing qualified labour.

At Campus Odense 800 researchers and nearly 12,000 students every day work on discovering new knowledge, realizing innovative solutions, and high-quality education. The university is located in a green and friendly environment and connected to the city center with frequent busses and a web of walking and cycling paths. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science was founded in 1972 and is characterised by enthusiastic faculty members at a dynamic and diverse institute. The Department is commonly known by its Danish acronym IMADA.