Week 05

Course Book

The course book Database Systems: The Complete Book is available in SDU's book store. In case you have not gotten the book yet, the first two chapters are available online (Chapter 1, Chapter 2). Together with the material available under "Course Documents" on Blackboard, this should give you all the material needed for this week.

Lecture Wednesday (01.02.2012)

The first lecture will start with a short overview of the course organization. Then, after a short introduction to database systems, the relational data model will be introduced. This is the data model underlying nearly all common database systems. We will see how the SQL language can be used to define such models.


course organization, introduction to database systems, relational data model, SQL as a data definition language


Chapter 1, Chapters 2.1-2.3

Lecture Thursday (02.02.2012)

A relational database system has to allow flexible and efficient access to the data stored in the relations. The basic operations union, intersection, selection, projection, and various products provide a flexible framework for manipulating relations. Together, they constitute the "relational algebra" which is the topic of the second lecture.


relational algebra for sets, relational algebra for bags


Chapter 2.4, Chapter 5.1

Exercise Friday (03.02.2012)

Exercises 2.2.1-2.2.3, Exercises 2.3.1-2.3.2

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