Week 07


The project for the course is available. Information about the database server will follow soon.

Exercise Tuesday (14.02.2012)

Time to get your hands dirty! This exercise will take place in IMADA's terminal room. You should get an account for the database server and set up a test database with the running examples from the lectures. Try some of the queries from the lecture on this test database. Then add some relations from the previous exercises and perform queries on them.

Lecture Wednesday (15.02.2012)

In the fourth lecture we will catch up with aggregate queries in SQL and extended relational algebra. Then we will introduce concepts needed for designing good relational databases. We will start on functional dependencies, decomposition of relations, and normal forms.


Functional Dependency, Anomalies, Decomposition, Boyce Codd Normal Form


Chapters 3.1-3.3

Lecture Thursday (16.02.2012)

The fifth lecture will continue with normal forms and introduce the third normal form (3NF). In the second half we will start on entity relationship diagrams (ER diagrams).


3rd Normal Form, ER diagrams


Chapters 3.4-3.5, Chapters 4.1-4.2

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