DM551/MM851 Algorithms and Probability (10 ECTS)

Basic info

You can see the schedule in itslearning.

Litterature (will be updated along the way)

Prerequisite test (OBLIGATORY)

Everyone who wishes to attend the oral exam must submit an answer to this test before December 3 at 8:00.

EXAM in DM551/MM851

This consists of 3 parts:

Exam questions and info

NB: Exam questions (final list)

Exam assignments DM551/MM851

Will appear here

Mandatory assignment

In order to filter out 'ghost students' who are signed up for the course and the exam but neither show up nor hand in any of the Exam assignments, there will be one obligatory hand in (danish: forudsætningsprøve) to hand in around December 1st (date will be precised a bit later). This will be extremely simple, probably just writing your name and confirming that you plan to attend the exam.

Weekly Notes in PDF format

Slides used for videos and other slides (not video recorded)

Previous Exam problems in DM528 and DM538

Various notes and links

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